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Al Baraka Fertility Hospital was established in 2006 by Dr. Ahmed Barakat and Dr. Hala Shaheen in Bahrain. It is now the leading IVF center in Bahrain, and one of the leading centers in the GCC.  With over 1000 treatment cycles per year in variant Infertility disorders, and an excelling success rate of over 60%. With a dedicated team of doctors and an advanced Lab, we provide the best care and services for couples with delayed pregnancy.

Al Baraka Fertility Hospital was officially opened in 24/06/2006 and privileged to house highly experienced and certified specialists in the fields of gynecology and fertility in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our experts are continuously striving to update their knowledge and invest in the latest technologies to ensure that we provide you with the most advanced treatments. Our main strive is to achieve patient satisfaction at uniquely affordable prices. We want to ensure our patients have a memorable experience that last throughout the lifetime of their children.

Assisted reproductive technology consists of a variety of techniques used for couples with delayed conception, or for individuals with genetic disorders who do not wish them to pass them on to their offspring.  The main idea is extracting the human gametes in vitro and then fertilizing them in the laboratory. The embryos are then transferred to the uterus.

Throughout 2017 till today, we have continued to see tremendous growth in the programs and services offered throughout the Hospital in preparation for the NHRA Accreditation. We have recruited new specialists and high caliber staff from across the country from different disciplines and scopes to join our team at ABFH. We have developed and implemented ambitious, hospital-wide strategies to improve the care we provide, including education, training and hospital renovation to fulfill all NHRA Accreditations elements. Moreover we have continued to strengthen our quality and infection control departments to support excellence in patient care.

We would would like to thank our patients, their families, our community partners, and of course our dedicated healthcare professionals, and staff for their insights, guidance and support throughout this exciting time of growth and development at ABFH.